Saturday, August 26, 2006

Heidi Klum vs. Elle Mac: Misty Ann's expert opinion

in light of a busy weekend, misty ann figured it was a good enough time as ever to weigh in on that whole heidi klum/elle macpherson dramafest. basically, is it really that important?

here's the deal:

ms klum (in addition to being a part of the possibly best show on television, ever - not including knots landing, obv) is featured in a new victoria's secret ad campaign for "the body" bra, on which she is quoted as saying "they named this bra after me" or something equally foolish along those lines. i saw one of the ads in a display window this weekend and after my initial reaction of "why the fuck is she wearing (albeit cute) metallic heels wearing just a bra and panties"i just thought to myself "this ad is stupid." fair enough. seems like a nice enough bra. granted, it's no la perla (which i whole-heartedly recommend for all your lingerie choices from this momentum) but you know, vickie can turn out some good stuff from time to time.

so here comes the drama. elle macpherson and her "people" (does she actually have "people?" seriously, what was the last thing she did outside of QVC? batman and robin? seriously? no. seriously?) were just shocked at the whole thing, since back in 1776 she was called"the body" by time magazine or something. so now she owns the name, and heidi klum could obviously not be called this. it was called a slap in the face or some other ridiculous "god, i hope this will get me back in the public eye" bullshit.

heidi and victoria's secret obviously refused to comment on the whole stupid thing, which was no surprise, and so on she goes grinning like a chesire cat in the ads in shopping malls across america.

so what, was elle just mad that sephora declined to carry her line ofbeauty products called, ever so aptly, "elle macpherson the body?"

let's please all just move the fuck on and go to neimans.

misty ann matheson.


At 6:13 PM, Blogger Jerk Of All Trades 2.0 said...

Stop! Stop! You're BOTH pretty! Stop the madness!!

Um...Misty am I not supposed to comment on here?


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