Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's mask time

during my convalescence i figured, why not get into a little pampering? so, it was home facial time. here's my fave fave fave facial masque.

it's aveda's tourmaline charged radiance masque.

its so good. its got shitake mushrooms stuff in it. which makes it sorta smell a bit weird. and of course you look bizarre with it on.

but it works. it really leaves your skin with a fabulous glow, itjust gets all that extra crap out of the way. tourmaline is whereit's at.

just don't leave the house before you rinse it off (use aveda's facial shammy for this)

misty ann matheson.

p.s. cher is amazing and can do no wrong in my eyes, but all the same, wipe your masque off, girl.


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