Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Misty Ann cries because summer is ending

now that summer is coming to a close (tears, tears, serious weeping) we have to take advantage of every beach/pool opportunity we have. i, for one, spent the weekend roasting myself at the beach (i'm stocking up on tan for the winter) and i plan on doing it again at least seventeen times before the end of the seasons. labor day is still a big beach holiday and one of my favorites (i just love watching the kiddies trundle on back to school). what is not my favorite are these (pictured right).

board shorts. ugh. i mean, if you're surfing, go for it. but it's nota look. please. now let me explain myself. i get it, your mens dontwant to go around wearing a "banana hammock" and i understand that(they are just insecure). but these big huge insane ridiculous baggy things MUST GO. let's keep the fun prints, lets keep the comfortable length (just a bit above the knee - but let's face it, legs are hot. so if we see a bit of it, no one will complain. get over yourselves,guys). let's wear these. vilebrequin (don't worry how to pronounce it, its french and therefore autotmatically hot).

they come in a variety of lengths (i suggest malibu for the cutbecause they are not all elastic at the waist) so your man will be comfortable and the patterns are adorable and timeless and oh-so-chic.

so now, next time i go to la playa, i expect to see all the guys decked out in fabulous new adorable turtle or octopus printed vilebrequin trunks.


misty ann matheson.


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