Sunday, August 27, 2006

Misty Ann's Chanel picks of the week!

Coco Chanel quote of the week:
“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you tomerit the face you have at fifty”

Chanel product of the week:
LE CORPS ACTIF, Body Treatment Collection, Self-Sun lotion

this week misty ann continues on her summertime trend. so the chanel pick for the upcoming week, self-tanner.

this is a miracle that's worth every penny. true, i got a sample of this free from a friend, but i still bought some more once i'd used all that up. it's completely brilliant and gives one of the best self-tanner tans out there. this way, when you go on a fabulous vacation in the middle of october, you'll be ready and looking glowingly bronzed.

plus, this stuff has spf 8, which is obviously good for protecting your skin, so you'll look sunkissed, but without the lasting effects (which, i'll tell you - NOT FROM EXPERIENCE, mind you - will leave you looking like a quilted chain bag nancy reagan left at the bottom of her closet when she hurriedly ran out of the house for her husband's inaugural ball.

yeah, that's about right.


misty ann matheson.


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