Friday, August 11, 2006

Welcome to my panty drawer

hey everybody! it's me, misty ann. welcome to my panty drawer. here i'll be sharing all my little tips for life, including my recommendations for handbags, shoes, movies, mens, and more.

i'll be including links to all of my favorite stuff, including pictures and where to buy and all that. of course, for good measure i'll throw in little words of wisdom and such.

for starters, take a look at my personal favorite for a big fall handbag. the gucci boston bag. view the bag here.

but dont get that version, obviously get the one made of petit gris. and the BIG size. because you know that big bags are best. and thisone is the best. and the biggest. it takes all the might my five foot nine one hundred and ten pound frame can muster to lift the fucker over my shoulder.


(oh and please dont think i didnt see you trying to steal that la perla thong on your way out, sneaky bastard)

misty ann matheson.


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