Saturday, September 30, 2006

i don't feel like dancing

or shopping, for that matter.

misty ann is reporting now from new york. i am here this weekend visiting a friend and so obviously i decided i needed to do some shopping. armed with my american express i headed out to fifth avenue to do some serious damage. i put on the biggest sunglasses i could find, grabbed a latte on the way, lit a fabulous new york cigarette and worked it all the way there. i even garnered a few compliments on my look en route. true, none of the people i would consider style mavens or anything, but the good wishes still stood.

the result, little damage done. why, you might ask? because the excitement was all lost. every store i passed caused me to mutter "we have one of those in georgetown/chevy chase/tysons galleria." what's going on with that? i remember a time when just the mere passing of a GIANT YELLOW FENDI sign would have sent me into total convulsions. i got excited, believe you me. but fendi was pretty much it. i figured that was pretty much the only store we don't have in the dc area, and i am sure that it's only a matter of time before one opens up. granted, the yellow b bag was beyond gorgeous. don't question. i totally paused at the window and stared. but that was pretty much it. sadly, even bergdorf goodman could only arouse so much excitement.

in the midst of all this i did notice one thing, both coach and vuitton had window displays including large backdrops of a colorful stripe. what gives?

but otherwise, new york is fantastic. the weather is great and all that. but you know, i really won't mind so much if the rest of my shopping this year is limited to the dc/va/md metro area. i mean consider that the first cusp store (i know, we've discussed this at length) is in mclean. mclean, virginia? as someone i once knew said "i'll take it." i agree.

hugs. misty ann.

Monday, September 18, 2006

i make the wallflowers quiver.

so the other day i found myself at tyson's corner and thought, "didn't i read some interesting thing about some interesting new store here just a while back?" and then i remembered that, yes, i had. A + E had lightly sprinkled some praise on cusp, this new concept store from neiman marcus at the corner. so i found it. hm. i like it. just as she did. surprise. i'm just really repeating this, cause she's right. before i move on.

so i also found this adorable adorable store that had JUST opened. seriously, they threw the doors open for the first time mere minutes before my arrival! martin + osa, it's called. walk inside and you are greeted/accosted by the scent of cedar. i exclaimed, loudly, "this smells like my parents cedar storage closet!" and the salesperson laughed and explained that it was a special fragran.....and i stopped listening. but all that aside, the store is great. my i mean, it's not particularly mind-blowing as far as what it's got but it has some great stuff. great casual everyday stuff for just whatever for you, plus, the best part, AMAZING things for the man in your life. or men. or for yourself. you know, it doesn't really matter.

my two favorite items (one of which i'd completely get for myself) were a merino wool ringer t for guys, and (also for guys) a cotton-cashmere blend sweater. i understand that neither of these things is particularly revolutionary, but it's perfect if you have that kind of guy on your hands. the guy who really won't love that cashmere sweater you got him at barney's. you know, he's just simple. he just likes his jeans and whatever. ok that's great. this is that. but better. you follow me.

look here's their logo. it's cute. aww. ok great. so i highly recommend this place. but then i found out some disturbing news. their parent company (only in the moneys, not about the concept or the clothes or anything) is american eagle. do what? excuse me? i was really concerned about this but then i found their dressing rooms, which were closed by ten feet high solid wood doors and contain pleasant murals of the outdoors and sounds of birds chirping. and i also then wandered into their shoe area. which contained three hundred thousand (approximately) adorable pair of sneakers. so i forgave them. so if i give you something and that logo is on the box, you know i love you.


misty ann

Monday, September 11, 2006

where have you been all my life?

first and foremost, let me beg beg beg for your forgiveness. i have been extremely remiss in my posting. i've had a lot going on (power shopping, mostly). one thing i have done in the interim is watch television. what television?

fashion house.

thanks to circumlocutor i am hooked on the thing. of course i can't resist a good soap, and i am completely powerless when faced with an awful soap (savannah, anyone? george eads...yeah) so my new fixation on fashion house should come as no surprise.

the best part is of course that bo derek is in it. and morgan fairchild. and the two of them do the famous linda evans-joan collins credit sharing thing, where one of them (bo-bo) is first up, with her name all big, and the other (mo-mo) is last, preceeded by a well-noted "and" with her name equally blown up. as far as fashion-centric soaps go, paper dolls was of course one of the better, and since mo-mo was involved in that, i of course tuned in to catch a glimpse of her on FH. they of course don't give us any fairchild until the SECOND WEEK (save an extreme close up of her lips in the final episode of week one) so i'm on pins and needles until the next episode airs (tonight, because its on almost every night!).

my general comments are this. bo derek cannot act. it's fine. she's trying to do her best miranda priestley as "maria gianni" the owner/boss/fearless leader of the "gianni fashion house" as her fabulously lo-budg exterior shot forces us to remember. who calls a fashion house a fashion house. like, in the name? and gianni. hello. no way is bo-bo anywhere near italian (although the actor playing her son totally could be, he's beyond delicious) but the name is much too obviously a rip off of versace (there was even a "versace on acid" comment directed at some piece of clothing in the first episode). also implausible is that she be the president of one of the world's biggest fashion houses, based in LOS ANGELES. i don't think so. but that's fine. it makes for some great trashy television. made even better though, but the inclusion of this one.

delicous delicious delicious. i forget his name but who cares because frankly, it really doesn't matter how he's called. are you with me?

so in summation, let's get into fashion house. or better yet, don't even turn your television on because you'll become perilously close to getting completely sucked in and you'll be just like me, sitting at home, yelling things at the television about how "that is not a dress OMG" and "jesus christ that man is beautiful." you know how it goes.


misty ann matheson

Monday, September 04, 2006

light, summery dresses and sandals? today's the last day, ladies. enjoy it.

okay ladies, it's that time of year. it's labor day. and we all know that now is the time to put those white dresses and shoes away.

before you all start screaming about how this is an old rule that doesn't apply anymore, let me explain myself. sure, white in the winter works. on certain pieces. coats, scarves, and bags, for example are perfect. shoes, on the other hand, are a different story. my point of view on this stems more from the fact that white pieces are harder to keep white when faced with a daily onslaught of slush and dirt from the world in which we live rather than some hardfast rule of fashion. i myself am anxiously awaiting the day i can pull out my white cashmere scarf, which i know looks striking when paired with a navy cropped peacoat (which, this season, coach has an amazing version. it's a great cut, cropped with big brass buttons down the front.) and the previously mentioned brown slouchy boots.

let me focus this for you. put up your light, airy, white dresses. if you need some white, pull in something a bit more fall focused. linen too, needs to be shelved until next summer.

and now the biggest rule i hope everyone abides by (a question which i was asked just yesterday, to which my reply was - today. the last time. so enjoy it) is no more sandals. it's over. we're done. close up your shoes from here on out.