Saturday, September 30, 2006

i don't feel like dancing

or shopping, for that matter.

misty ann is reporting now from new york. i am here this weekend visiting a friend and so obviously i decided i needed to do some shopping. armed with my american express i headed out to fifth avenue to do some serious damage. i put on the biggest sunglasses i could find, grabbed a latte on the way, lit a fabulous new york cigarette and worked it all the way there. i even garnered a few compliments on my look en route. true, none of the people i would consider style mavens or anything, but the good wishes still stood.

the result, little damage done. why, you might ask? because the excitement was all lost. every store i passed caused me to mutter "we have one of those in georgetown/chevy chase/tysons galleria." what's going on with that? i remember a time when just the mere passing of a GIANT YELLOW FENDI sign would have sent me into total convulsions. i got excited, believe you me. but fendi was pretty much it. i figured that was pretty much the only store we don't have in the dc area, and i am sure that it's only a matter of time before one opens up. granted, the yellow b bag was beyond gorgeous. don't question. i totally paused at the window and stared. but that was pretty much it. sadly, even bergdorf goodman could only arouse so much excitement.

in the midst of all this i did notice one thing, both coach and vuitton had window displays including large backdrops of a colorful stripe. what gives?

but otherwise, new york is fantastic. the weather is great and all that. but you know, i really won't mind so much if the rest of my shopping this year is limited to the dc/va/md metro area. i mean consider that the first cusp store (i know, we've discussed this at length) is in mclean. mclean, virginia? as someone i once knew said "i'll take it." i agree.

hugs. misty ann.


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