Monday, September 18, 2006

i make the wallflowers quiver.

so the other day i found myself at tyson's corner and thought, "didn't i read some interesting thing about some interesting new store here just a while back?" and then i remembered that, yes, i had. A + E had lightly sprinkled some praise on cusp, this new concept store from neiman marcus at the corner. so i found it. hm. i like it. just as she did. surprise. i'm just really repeating this, cause she's right. before i move on.

so i also found this adorable adorable store that had JUST opened. seriously, they threw the doors open for the first time mere minutes before my arrival! martin + osa, it's called. walk inside and you are greeted/accosted by the scent of cedar. i exclaimed, loudly, "this smells like my parents cedar storage closet!" and the salesperson laughed and explained that it was a special fragran.....and i stopped listening. but all that aside, the store is great. my i mean, it's not particularly mind-blowing as far as what it's got but it has some great stuff. great casual everyday stuff for just whatever for you, plus, the best part, AMAZING things for the man in your life. or men. or for yourself. you know, it doesn't really matter.

my two favorite items (one of which i'd completely get for myself) were a merino wool ringer t for guys, and (also for guys) a cotton-cashmere blend sweater. i understand that neither of these things is particularly revolutionary, but it's perfect if you have that kind of guy on your hands. the guy who really won't love that cashmere sweater you got him at barney's. you know, he's just simple. he just likes his jeans and whatever. ok that's great. this is that. but better. you follow me.

look here's their logo. it's cute. aww. ok great. so i highly recommend this place. but then i found out some disturbing news. their parent company (only in the moneys, not about the concept or the clothes or anything) is american eagle. do what? excuse me? i was really concerned about this but then i found their dressing rooms, which were closed by ten feet high solid wood doors and contain pleasant murals of the outdoors and sounds of birds chirping. and i also then wandered into their shoe area. which contained three hundred thousand (approximately) adorable pair of sneakers. so i forgave them. so if i give you something and that logo is on the box, you know i love you.


misty ann


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