Monday, September 04, 2006

light, summery dresses and sandals? today's the last day, ladies. enjoy it.

okay ladies, it's that time of year. it's labor day. and we all know that now is the time to put those white dresses and shoes away.

before you all start screaming about how this is an old rule that doesn't apply anymore, let me explain myself. sure, white in the winter works. on certain pieces. coats, scarves, and bags, for example are perfect. shoes, on the other hand, are a different story. my point of view on this stems more from the fact that white pieces are harder to keep white when faced with a daily onslaught of slush and dirt from the world in which we live rather than some hardfast rule of fashion. i myself am anxiously awaiting the day i can pull out my white cashmere scarf, which i know looks striking when paired with a navy cropped peacoat (which, this season, coach has an amazing version. it's a great cut, cropped with big brass buttons down the front.) and the previously mentioned brown slouchy boots.

let me focus this for you. put up your light, airy, white dresses. if you need some white, pull in something a bit more fall focused. linen too, needs to be shelved until next summer.

and now the biggest rule i hope everyone abides by (a question which i was asked just yesterday, to which my reply was - today. the last time. so enjoy it) is no more sandals. it's over. we're done. close up your shoes from here on out.


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