Thursday, August 31, 2006

Misty Ann cleans up her act.

just the other day i discovered something marvelous. it was a rediscovery of sorts, i guess i should say. i was on my way to the tailor to have a new pair of pants altered when i passed by L'Occitane. this is one of my favorite stores of all time, and i love all their products. i remembered that i needed more savon for the kitchen. so i dropped in very quickly, a grabbed for the verbena liquid. i knew it was good. i knew it smelled nice. i was all set to checkout and continue on my way, but i figured i may as well have a look around, i was sure i could find something else i needed. and did i ever!

THESE THINGS. "Lingettes Rafraichissantes" are absolutely amazing. i have long been acquainted with premoistened towelettes and i am so so feeling about them. but i figured, these must be better. they are after all eight dollars for fifteen. and those from the pharmacy are like fifty for five. the more you pay, the better. for the most part. and these are true to form. absolutely. the smell, is fantastic. verbena is so wonderful and fresh smelling. i took great pleasure in, during the middle of my day, at any point, pulling the foil package from my purse, carefully peeling back the label/cover, removing a wipe, and toweling my hands with much care and attention. i then threw the wipe away, and held my hands to my face for what probably was something like two minutes, just enjoying the fragrance. i felt fresh and clean. just as if i had washed my hands.


At 3:05 AM, Anonymous iownelevencats said...

Although, I always thought your panties smelled clean, it IS about time you cleaned up your act..

At 11:54 PM, Anonymous Elsa said...

Hello from a fellow fashion blogger who actually lives in DC...I'm always so excited when I meet/hear of people with fashion expertise in the city...not that I've met/heard of many! Anyway, welcome to the world of blogging!

Oh...and if you could recommend a good tailor in DC...I'd really appreciate it.



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