Tuesday, October 31, 2006

are these really the kind of people we want running our government?

do excuse the long-winded title, but it's the way things work sometimes. you all know this man on the left. george allen. one time governor of virginia now wanting to be a senator or something. ok fine whatever. here's the thing. i don't really care what he's running for or that he called some indian guy a "macaca" or whatever.

what i really care about is what the hell he is wearing. sure, in this picture he looks all fine and dandy. typical republican garb, something my father would SO completely wear all the time. he looks fine. he looks like a politician. i can totally handle this.

what i can't handle, is the HORROR HORROR HORROR (it is halloween so it's only fitting that it should be f-ing frightful) that appears below.

WHAT IS THIS? seriously? has he now taken to throwing large heavy objects at non-white people? so it appears. and now, i can only hope that this get-up is for halloween or that he's participating in some special fundraiser football throwing thing in some far-flung western virginia county, but you know, and i am pretty close to admitting i know, that this is what this fool sports in his every day life.

so i ask you, virginia, seriously? is this the kind of person you want up there? an extra on some "high school flashback" episode of DALLAS?


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