Wednesday, October 18, 2006

no guys, it's cool. i'll return this to wardrobe as soon as i'm through.

right. look at this mess. thank you ever so much gofugyourself for letting me in on two very very very big secrets. (and for - i hope - letting me borrow this image. it is theirs. wholly and fully. thank you)

first secret - someone besides misty ann matheson and the elusive and still sans identite circumlocutor is actually WATCHING "fashion house." seriously? girls, you're watching this? i guess it's the four of us now.

second secret - morgan fairchild has a face. what do i mean? i mean that for three awful painful weeks we were forced to watch bo derek deliver painfully flat lines and listen to the drivel spewed by the above pictured joel berti, all the while all we ever really wanted was MOMO! give us morgan. finally we got a mouth. MOUTH?! are you kidding me? finally we did see her face, but even in the previews for an episode in which we finally see her, what did they give us? you guessed her, HER MOUTH! so when we finally saw it, i wasn't actually sure it was her. i felt i had just been led to believe that it was her and that morgan herself no longer had a face. well, here is proof that she does.


misty ann


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