Saturday, October 21, 2006

two more reasons misty ann loves gucci

ladies. mens. it's time for a quick update on why even a tom ford-less gucci is still at the top of misty ann matheson's laundry heap.

reason number one: François Pinault, the owner of gucci, has been named the most powerful person in contemporary art by art review magazine. pinault and gucci both share the same secret to their success. they know how to make peoples with money feel and look good. beauty comes at a price, babies. misty ann wasn't always able to afford gucci. but, now that i can, i wear it as a badge of pride. i can afford to look good. i look good because i can afford to. you get the idea.

"French fashion magnate François Pinault, also the owner of Christie's auction house, has been crowned the most powerful figure in the contemporary art world in 2006, according to the annual ranking by ArtReview magazine. The list, in its fifth year, bases its rankings on commercial clout, intellectual influence and popularity. François Pinault, the owner of fashion giant Gucci and auction house Christie's, has been named the most powerful person in the contemporary art world." read more here.

reason number two misty ann loves gucci: they use the power for good. what's the point of being rich and powerful if you're not giving back to the less fortunate babies? the goodies in the pic above are just some of the yummy must-haves that gucci has designed as part of a campaign to benefit unicef. whip out the louis v. checkbooks. and get to shopping girls! there's no better way to do good and look good than gucci's new unicef campaign.

oh, and, did i mention that the divine jennifer connelly is on board for this? could it get any better?

"Gucci has continued its partnership with UNICEF this season in their 2006 Holiday campaign which will benefit UNICEF programs that aid children in Africa.From November 21st to December 31st, Gucci will donate 20 percent of the sales from a luxurious collection of items designed by Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini. The proceeds will specifically benefit education and health services to children in Mozambique, where nearly three-quarters of a million children are directly affected by HIV/AIDS.

“The 2006 holiday campaign is part of the most extensive philanthropic program in Gucci’s history,” said Mark Lee, Gucci CEO and President, in an earlier statement. “We are committed to supporting important humanitarian efforts through UNICEF.”

Helping to spread AIDS awareness and the Gucci and UNICEF partnership is actress Jennifer Connelly, who will act as honorary global representative of this year’s campaign. Connelly, who has spent considerable time in Mozambique and other affected regions in Africa, is just one of many famous faces that have stepped forth to help fight the global epidemic." read more here.
misty ann matheson hearts gucci.


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