Friday, October 13, 2006

you know, things may have gone too far

how so, you might ask?

well, misty ann is gonna tell you. this time im blogging from new york, specifically the upper east side. don't worry, i'm not dead. i'm not moving. i'm just busy and currently on vacation.

so what's gone too far? the big sunglasses trend. you may remember an earlier post about tom ford's fabulous new line of sunwear. and i'm still into it. totally. but, look at this.

thanks so much to the superficial for this breaking news. seriously, when your eyewear begins to scare animals, i think it might just be time to rethink. and sure, i am not exactly paris' biggest fan, but if she, you know, tried to hug me, i am not so sure i would make the same face as her canine companion. then again, i am not so sure i wouldn't make the same face.


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