Thursday, November 23, 2006

this is better than fashion house.

so here's the part where i let you know what's been going on that's kept misty ann from posting for nearly a month.

we'll begin at the beginning. back in the summer i sort of began hanging out/fooling around with this friend of a friend. ex of a friend even. i didn't know at the time that he had been in a long term relationship for about four years. wow. then he moved to texas. i thought it was all over and done with and i could stop feeling like a dirty mistress.

he invited me to new york. i went. his significant other found out. i got a nasty email telling me to back off. ok, i get it. i'm all done. only guy continues to call me, email me, contact me, beg me to come to new york again. to come to texas, etc etc. misty ann is really not feeling it. there's too much drama. but i talk to him occasionally and in doing so i develop more feelings for this guy. it's getting messy now. i'm thinking, wow so he just needs to end this relationship and then i'll move on in. i'll maybe even move to texas! wow. crazy talk much. so i'm telling a friend all about this, and he's like, you know, if you want this, and need to know how he feels, just ask him straight out. well, i can't very well do that. so he takes it upon himself to fill in guy as to all this. my feelings, moving to texas, etc. well, guys significant other finds the email. which includes straight up QUOTED conversations with me and my friend. now, misty ann is out a few fridays ago with her best girlfriend, who gets a text message from guy's significant other (they are friends), threatening me with death if i don't quit it. so of course, i had to spill the beans to best girlfriend. she plays the dumb card with the significant other and runs some serious damage control, for which i am extremely grateful. seriously. i think all is going well at this point. but i call best girlfriend on friday to go out, and she sends me back a message explaining that she's been doing a lot of thinking and that she will no longer be my advocate and stand up for me when all i do is lie and screw her ex (yeah) over and over again. she and i are OVER. yeah.

so that's basically the gist of it all. nice.


At 1:37 AM, Blogger circumlocutor said...

It's true that no drama is boring but.... at least when there's no drama one feels sane enough to, I don't know, sleep.... Am I making any sense?

At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Misty come home I won't bring up nothing


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