Wednesday, December 13, 2006

you better watch your back, MALLORY!

i just saw the funniest thing. you all must must get into it.

it's called supermarket of the stars. and it stars illeana douglas, justine bateman and jane lynch. it's a little five minute ditty on youtube that is so fantastic. it's really refreshing to see justine bateman getting all excited over being promoted to "carts." carts! seriously!

the best line of the first episode simply has to be "you think because you had your own tv show and your face was on a lunchbox and guys wanna have sex with you that you're special?" second best though was "daryll hannah works here?" but you need to watch it to get the context for that one.

seriously? come on. just watch it. mallory would watch it. mallory is in it. and her face was on a lunch box.